Deemed a 'Scruffy Little City' in 1980 by Wall Street Journal writer Susan Harrington, locals now wear the moniker as a badge of honor on their sleeves, t-shirts or even music halls. “When I arrived, Knoxville was plucky but still mostly boarded up or just plain boring,” says 18-year resident Art Carmichael. “People were just rediscovering their civic pride, but it just seemed like big things were about to happen and I felt like there was no better place to be than here, watching the amazing transformation from scruffy to spectacular.” 



"Downtown Knoxville and the surrounding neighborhoods are easily walkable and Knoxvillians are easily approachable," says Art. "Wandering, getting lost, finding some hidden gems then, finding your way back is a great way to see our fair city."

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Knoxville Marina and Skyline / Photo by Art Carmichael

Knoxville Marina and Skyline / Photo by Art Carmichael

When to Go

Knoxville is prime for a visit throughout the year, but the Spring festival season (March, April & May) and early Fall (September & October) generally offer the most pleasant weather.

As Art says, "we’ll welcome you anytime!"

Alliance Brewing / Photo by Art Carmichael

Alliance Brewing / Photo by Art Carmichael

Getting Around

Knoxville is pretty walkable and Pace will rent you a bike for $1.50 per ½ hour for longer ventures. If you do get weary, downtown Knoxville & the UT Campus area offers a free trolley service.

"If you love craft beer, you’ll also love Knox Brew Tours which is a great way to, uh…drink in all that Knoxville brews up," adds Art. "If you’re here for the weekend, their Sunday Funday hop-on-hop-off tour is a blast."

Oliver Royale / Photo By Art Carmichael

Oliver Royale / Photo By Art Carmichael


"As Southerners, we love our bar-b-cue and soul food, but lately our culinary scene has been ramping up to new heights," shares Art.

Distinctly Southern restaurants like Knox Mason, J.C. Holdway, Plaid Apron, Oliver Royale and Bistro at the Bijou offer creative new twists on down-home tastes. Others offer more far-flung fare such as Emilia, Kaizen, and Chivo. Plus, there are three gourmet pizza places - Tomato Head, A Dopo, and Pizzeria Nora - offering delicious but different takes on this Italian-American classic. For a delectably down-to-earth treat, or three, head to the Central Filling Station to see which of Knoxville’s finest food trucks are serving for the evening. 

iJams Nature Center outside Knoxville /  Photo  by Bruce Mccarty/Wikicommons

iJams Nature Center outside Knoxville / Photo by Bruce Mccarty/Wikicommons


With the Tennessee River running through it, the Urban Wilderness growing out of it, lakes all around it and the Cumberland and Smoky Mountains bracketing it, Knoxville is intricately tied to the natural environment of East Tennessee.

"A great place to start exploring Knoxville’s natural environment is Ijams Nature Center at the head of the Urban Wilderness," says Art. "From there you can hike, bike, swim or climb to your heart's content all within a few minutes of downtown Knoxville."



The Tennessean - an 82-room independent luxury hotel in the heart of downtown Knoxville, overlooking World's Fair Park.

The Oliver Hotel - Enjoy a craft cocktail in the Prohibition-themed bar at this boutique hotel, set in a restored 1876 building overlooking Market Square.


Knoxville's Music Scene

Local Knoxville Band  Jubal  / PHoto by Art Carmichael

Local Knoxville Band Jubal / PHoto by Art Carmichael

Knoxville has a surprisingly robust music scene for a small city. "We pride ourselves on being the Cradle of Country Music, but we’re just as likely to be punk, electronica, hip-hop, avant-garde or rock & roll," says Art.

"Sometimes it seems that everyone you meet is a musician of some sort. Most, just as a hobby or an aside. Chalk it up to our hillbilly family band roots but porch-pickin’ is just something that happens when people get together around here and that leads to experimentations, collaborations, and bands of all sort."

Check out the following venues for some of East Tennessee’s finest music:


For a preview of the WDVX Blue Plate Special concerts featured in the walking tour, check out the monthly WDVX Real Live Music playlists on Spotify (like this one).



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