The Beauty of Travel: Q&A With Beauty Expert Jenny Patinkin





Did You Pack Too Much? Your Suitcase Knows

Bluesmart Luggage, which started with an Indiegogo campaign in 2014, is so focused on the "smart" aspects of its offerings that it prefers to be called a technology company, not a luggage company, its chief executive, Tomi Pierucci, said. Bluesmart bags include a digital scale and GPS tracking.

Innovations to Help Speed Up Your Travel Planning

AN ESCORT THROUGH THE AIRPORT A new tool, Solve, describes itself as an airport concierge service. Its goal is to save travelers time and alleviate confusion by providing someone to meet them at their arrival gate, expedite the immigration and Customs process, and then escort them to whatever car or shuttle is to take them to their hotel or home rental.

3 Ways Traveling Can Ignite Your Creativity

I recently traveled outside the country for ten days to explore Budapest, Amsterdam, and Paris. The last time I was outside the country was over four years ago--and during those four years, I never once traveled outside of Chicago any farther than Wisconsin, or took a vacation from work for more than three days.