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The Beauty of Travel: Q&A With Beauty Expert Jenny Patinkin

Vacation Prep in 6 Steps



How to pack for a long trip

by Jennifer Mitchell If you're planning an extended trip-one that's longer than a week-deciding what to pack is challenging. Especially if you're planning to visit multiple destinations with differing climates or if attempting to avoid checked bags. But with a few tough decisions, smart buys and travel-savvy packing techniques, you can pack like a boss and get on to the fun stuff.

This new workout is designed to specifically help with jet lag

Skip to Content Jet lag is one of the most unpleasant effects of long-haul flights, but a new workout might help you target it and beat it before it affects your enjoyment of your time abroad. The "Sweatlag" is a series of workout routines designed by Delta Airlines in partnership with fitness company Equinox.

10 Tips for Eating Healthy on the Road

Balancing healthy eating habits while on the road can be tricky. From a scarcity of fresh fruit and vegetables to eating at unaccustomed hours, the food you consume while traveling can sometimes make you feel worse than before you set off.

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